Sharon Dasht is my name and the fruit of my near-decade hard-working and experience in photography. Purely created by passion, I decided to turn my name into a brand in December 2019. Why? Before starting my own business, I had a great paying job as a wedding photographer, but I had to lower my goals to meet other wedding studios’ expectations and work according to their limitations. They had many happy clients with my photos and booked many clients with them, but they were reluctant to spread my name. As such, I put everything on the line and started my journey to pursue my dreams and have my voice in photography.

I set 2020 with some realistic goals:
– Don’t give up even when I am the loneliest wedding photographer in the world.
– Start everything from scratch, build my business, and grow my brand.
– Become one of the best wedding photographers in Australia and the world
When Covid hit all wedding photographers in the whole of the world), I didn’t deviate away from my goals. I put my focus on creatively photographing, edit, and retouching as much as I can. I spent hours and hours on achieving my best outcomes!

The result? I hit every single goal I set. No excuses, nothing held me back, I pivoted, changed, grew, adapted, and thrived. I became #No. 1 MyWed wedding photographer in Australia and entered #100 MyWed top wedding photographer in the world! A MASSIVE ACHEVEMTS!!!

Why MyWed was my criteria?
Because it is the biggest directory of professional wedding photographers in the world WITH MORE 60,000 MEMBERS!!!

This is just the beginning of my journey, and here I am, as passionate about seeing the world through my vision as the day I started photography. This is how I know I am still on the right path in life.