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One of the first decisions you may conclude before your wedding day is when photography should begin. Although this is a very personal decision and depends on many things, I have three main reasons that photography should start early on your day!

First and foremost, for a documentary wedding photographer, all moments matter! Why? Because all of them together will tell a story, and a good story always needs a great start! Getting ready photos, to me, are the best part to begin a story as it introduces the heroes of the day, and without it, the story seems incomplete! I love photographing my heroes while they are getting their makeup done or getting dressed because it also allows me to meet everyone before the wedding begins.

Don’t hesitate! Preserve them for the rest of your life those sweet, candid moments with your loved ones! Furthermore, it gives you extra time to get comfortable in front of the camera since most people, including me, feel self-conscious and uncomfortable near a camera. Additionally, this part gives your photographer a chance to photograph all details on your wedding day that you won’t put on for any other occasion again, such as wedding jewelry, dress, veil, shoes.

You have dreamed of your wedding day for years, so let’s capture every single minute of it. These are parts of the best moments of your life!

Here, I pinpoint some useful tips that can be helpful. If you want to have better getting ready photos, please ask your bridal party to take a break from their phones for a while because everyone will connect more and stay present at the moment if they agree to keep their phones in their pocket. I agree, they may feel bored, but it is crucial to have real moments.

Television is one of the most nerve-racking distractions while getting-ready photography. Please forget News for a while and build a connection! The next one is so crucial! Pay attention to lighting and pick a place having natural light.

Tidiness is the key; otherwise, your photos will not look pristine. My recommendation is to designate someone in your bridal party to keep their eye on the tidiness of the place and step in if things are starting to look messy. It will only take a few moments to straighten up but massively impacts your photos. Finally, be on time for this part because it will be challenging to photograph someone who is in a rush.

If you have any questions about getting ready and its timeline, don’t hesitate to leave me a message!

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