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The most important reason why you hire a photographer for your wedding day and invite him or her to your big day is to preserve moments that you want to remember for years and years and years! The unique moments that do not look like everyone else’s. Hands up if this concern applies to you, and if it is, this article might be useful for you. Herein, I pinpoint some reasonswhy documentary wedding photography is the only style to go for.

When a wedding day starts, a myriad of moments take place in the blink of an eye, most of which you don’t even witness yourself, and more importantly, they cannot be posed or recreated! A photographer with a documentary vision, however, is fully skilled and armed with sensitive eyes to not only see those things that are invisible to others but also to capture all of them for you. He or she is the only guest on your wedding day whose responsibility is completely different from the rest. He or she is an unbiased narrator at your big day to visually document the truth of moments at your day and tell the story of you—as the heroes of your day—with the essence of his or her character, the same as a painter who draws a picture based on the genre that he or she specializes at.

So, if you want to have those moments captured, you should hire a skilled documentary wedding photographer whose style suits you. Never forget this, emotion cannot be staged and posed, and capturing pure emotion is truly an art!

As I just said, when you look back at your images you want to remember those pure moments that happened just on your wedding day. You want to re-live those moments that your dad saw you—for the first time—in your dress or those moments that you were walking back the aisle after being announced as married while being photographed without any direction. You will be looking at the truth of the moment from an unbiased vision. Believe me! You are not looking for those moments that you were told to do something by your photographer! Truth is most people, even photographers, are not comfortable in front of the camera. As such, it will be a nightmare if you are going to be photographed all day by a pushy/bossy photographer ruining your day by uncomfortable posing and disingenuous expressions. Most of the time you will look awkward at your images because of the sense of self-conscious or you will find your images the same as everyone else’s because of putting into the same poses.

The only way to get rid of this annoying sense is to hire a documentary wedding photographer photographing you while you are unaware of his or her camera and are enjoying your wedding day.

Rain or shine I am yours forever!