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Traditionally, photographers were in the limelight because of their equipment, crafts, and skills. Thanks to the modernized era and the revolution of digital cameras; however, people from all walks of life can buy a digital camera, go into automatic settings and take properly exposed photos. Hence, the technical abilities of photographers seem to be no longer an advantage over avid amateurs. As such, it is easy to decide to ask Uncle Henry to photograph your wedding day with his cutting-edge digital camera and take some random exposed photos of you on your wedding day. And he defiantly will be proud of it!

Of course, Uncle Henry is most welcome to photograph your day as a guest. However, if it is your plan, wait for a second and read this note carefully. I promise you will take a deep breath and consider yourself a survivor when you compare the photos taken by your Uncle Henry and your photographer. Herein, I just mention some of most important reasons of hiring a photographer.

Proper and secure backup system

First and foremost, you are not just hiring a wedding photographer. You are hiring a resource to freely, securely, and properly preserve your photos for a while. I currently can support for 2 years, but am planning to increase it to 4 years.

For your photographer, you are the center of theuniverse

On that day, Earth does not orbit around the sun for him or her. It orbits around you. For him, you are heroes of his or her day!

It is not about clicking. It is all about vision

I hope to educate this concept well. If you have many criteria for choosing your photographer, drop it to only two criteria: budget and vision. Of course, Uncle Henry is zero budget, but does he have a proper understanding of vision? Vision takes blood, sweat, tears to develop for a photographer. If you hire an experienced photographer with a skilled, sensitive vision, you secure your day for the rest of your life. Hence, select your photographer based on their vision and how they see little and big things at a wedding.

The art ofstory-telling

At the first glance, a wedding day seems the connection of occurrences that happens randomly. Of course, for Uncle Henry, it may seem like this, but for wedding photographers, it is like a story that is visually documented based on their vision.

The power of experience andknowledge

The experience and knowledge on how weddings are run, what to expect, how to deal with setbacks – they all matter. Experience matters. This eventually leads to anticipation and creativity.

The value ofpost-production

Raw images lack feeling. They are incomplete and unable to represent the beauty of your day. Wedding photographers spend hours and hours, days and days to extract the feeling of photos by editing and retouching. You may think wedding photography is only one day, but it is days and weeks. It is the reason why you get your photos weeks after your wedding.

In a nutshell, I recommend you focus on finding the right wedding photographer whose vision

fits your style. He or she turns your big day into a unique story!

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