These shots of the individuals, the setting, and the activity are candid or spontaneous rather than a sequence of posed ones (i.e., unstyled). Typical scenes can include the opulent raw bar before guests start eating, your ragtag group of relatives dancing, and you and your bridesmaids laughing with champagne in hand.
The photographs capture the moments exactly as they occurred and together they form a story. With a strictly photojournalistic photographer, you will never see people staring at the camera. More styled candid photos are another moderate choice. For instance, before starting to shoot, your photographer might take a coat off a chair or smooth out the bedspread in the space. (The shots are still candid but not purely photojournalistic.)

  • Advantages
    Without significantly manipulating the subjects, a collection of spontaneous or stylized spontaneous photos might depict your entire day from a variety of viewpoints and views. Fun, shocking, romantic, and true to life all come together in this flowing compilation.
  • Disadvantages
    The photos can occasionally be a bit too realistic. You can't really decide on your best angle before the photographer takes the picture. Another disadvantage is that you might not get those planned pictures of you and your college pals dancing as your brother is spinning Grandma across the dance floor. Find a photographer who takes both staged portraits and unplanned, documentary-style photos to get the best of both worlds.

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