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There exist different beliefs about rain on a wedding day, most of which symbolize it as a sign of good luck because it cleanses all dirt and pollution. For most couples, rains on a wedding day, however, symbolizes ruining a well-planned wedding day. Herein, I pinpoint some reasons why you are lucky if it rains on your wedding day.

First and foremost, rain gives photographers a great chance to take more emotive, dramatic, and romantic photos thanks to the natural soft light on rainy days. Moreover, people are naturally more emotional when it rains. For a photographer, emotion is the building block for creatingstunning moments, so it is a God-given gift for couples if it rains at a wedding. These kinds of photos are hard, if impossible, to recreate on sunny days. Be fearless and embrace the beauty of rain. I would love to share one of my clients’ stories whose wedding on a rainy day turned their wedding story amongst the BEST stories of 2020 and BEST photos of the year according to several photography critics in the world.

Sarah & Caleb had an outdoor ceremony at whereby mansion, VIC, Australia on February 2020. Despite being a sunny day with no chance of rain, the sky turned to darken once she got dressed and ready to go to the ceremony. I was sure that my session would be full of incredible moments thanks to the cloudy sky. One thing that I was not too sure about it was the reaction of Sarah. I was hoping she stay fearless and carefree in the rain. When the rain started, I held my breath for seconds, but when I looked at her face, I found her carefree!!! The only thing that I was looking for right happened in front of my camera. She was the hero of her day!!! As I cannot put them in words, I love to share some of those incredible pictures with you here.

My aim to say this story is that although you will concern about your frizzy hair, muddy shoes,ruined dress, and more importantly wedding photos, only good documentary wedding photographers know that all of these seemingly unpleasant moments will be turned into a magical story lasting forever, so if it rains at your wedding day or if your wedding dress gets stained with mud, you just enjoy your day, kick off your wedding shoes and dance in the mud. Your photographer will do the rest.

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