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To be honest, I am not the best with words, and I hope my photos say it all, but to begin with, I am Sharon Dasht, a photographer, collagist, and painting lover. I photograph one of the most precious days of human beings full of emotion, connection, and moments flying so fast in the blink of an eye and will never happen again! It is tough, challenging, but rewarding. It is one day forever, so I candidly, honestly, and fearlessly push my sensitive eyes to capture and turn all those emotional connections and moments into images lasting forever and ever! It is a privilege the people I photographed thus far have loved their stories with my vision and have said nice things about me, some of which is just below this.
2020 was a strange year! Due to the lockdown and things out of my control I put my camera down for months! But it also allowed me to find a way to show my stories in a little different way and express emotions, connections, and moments on my stories in a deeper way. I was completely blown away when I discovered the power of movement on photos and how it can evoke emotion! I found it extremely helpful for deeply showing the mood of the people inside a picture! I hope you would love this feature as much as I love it and find it valuable for your photos. Check it out here!
In the end, I would like to say a big thank you for stopping by and hope this could be the start of something great! If you feel a connection with my photos, it is a great start! The next step is to drop me a line and tell me all about your dream wedding, and then I create the ultimate photography package and plan for you!
Sharon Dasht
Note: scroll down to see a few nice words, FAQs, and more!

Handy things to know

Hiring someone with years of experience for a wedding day means hiring a skilled, sensitive vision capable of anticipating all important things happening on your wedding day. Moreover, you will receive enough support before, during, and after your wedding. For example, I back up your moment for 2 years, which is free. I recommend you reading my note about this question here.
It is easy to get overwhelmed, but the best way find your wedding photographer is to forget all those slogans and catchphrases on their websites, emails, etc., and select 10 wedding photographers whose styles suit you. Then scrutinize their portfolio to find out how they see small and big moments of wedding days and how they photograph them. Photos say it all. They are pure. They don’t lie!
After finding your wedding photographer, make sure they have a proper and secure backup system and ensure you will get the same quality of photos that you have seen on their portfolio.
It is the question that I was waiting for! We have heard all of these things: candid, photojournalistic, and documentary. They all mean an interrupted photographing of moments and capturing them as they are already happening. I push myself to capture uninterrupted moments and visually document the flow of occurrences.I have written a comprehensive note for this here.
Most people, including me, are camera-shy. The solution is this: imagine you and your partner as celebrities that are being photographed by paparazzi. Since you don’t feel their cameras you are comfortable. This helps you feel comfortable when you are in front of cameras. I am kind of paparazzi and promise you it will never hurt you!
Long story short, the more, the better. Not because of being charged more. Not at all! Money is something that you can earn it always! But there is something more valuable than money, in my opinion! One of them is moments! No one can give them to you again! NO ONE! THEY ARE GONE FOREVER! You may think just ceremony or reception matters, but prep-moments are as valuable as ceremony and reception moments. Check my article here. If you want to create a real story of your day, a package from prep to party is the best one. Please read my note about the importance of getting ready photos here.
Having trust and believe in your wedding photographer! He or she will do the rest. Don’t stop him or her! There are moments that you feel should be censured from the vision of your photographer. Moments like you are naked for putting on your dress or you are drunk too much, blah, blah, blah! Don’t censor yourself! Be free like a bird, be bold, be fearless! When you find those forbidden moments among your wedding photos you will love them forever!
To answer this you first should answer this question: how much wedding photography is of importance to you. There are many wedding photographers with different budgets, but to have world-class photographs, you should spend a little more money. Currently, well-known brands in Australia are charging $4k-$8k. I do not charge $4k-$8k as I am not still a well-known brand (read my journey here), but I promise you to deliver photos with world-class standards! HOW? I started my brand in December 2019, before that, I was working for studios! During covid-19, I decided to participate in world-class wedding contests. When you do things amazingly, amazing things happen sooner or later! I won numerous prestigious awards!! As an example, Fearless Award, based in Washington State, USA is as valuable as Oscar awards for wedding photographers. My mind was blowing away when I found out I won 2 Fearless awards in my first-year participation!! For me, your kind words is just the matter of import, but what I am trying to say is that world-class capturing is something that I am good at. If you are interested in seeing my awards, head here.
I recommend you scrutinizing my photos and reading some nice words from my previous clients just below this.

Awarded Images

What people are saying about me

“Strongly recommend Sharon! We really enjoy the photos! Professional and detailed ! They captured every minute of our emotions! Many thanks!”

Bella and John
Dec 22, 2019

Very glad I went with Sharona Photography. I found them very friendly and creative, enjoyed every moment of the photo shoot. Definitely recommended!

Reham and Isac
Mar 18, 2020

Hiring Sharon Dasht was a perfect decision for a wedding reception. Photographer and videographer were so friendly and easy going. In reasonable price they gave their best to make pictures and videos. Specially we were impressed how they managed to add Bollywood songs in our videos that shows their dedication towards their work. They are based on making their costumers happy. Lastly, all the pictures and videos were sent exactly on the given date. Highly recommended. 

Mar 15, 2020

Jacob and Sharon were great. Firstly they were on time- one less stress on our wedding day. They came with a clear vision on pictures they thought would suit our location and were also accommodating to our requests. At our reception venue they captured all our special moments perfectly. We are very happy with the finished product. Thank you Again !

Vanessa and Brenton
Mar 30, 2020

We would like to thank you for being part of making our wedding day a special and memorable one. We were so happy with the results of our photos. It was a pleasure dealing with you in preparation for and during the wedding day. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.

Catherine and Luck
Jul 18, 2020

Very happy with the photographs and experience we had Sharona and Jacob. Very nice to work with – gentle, polite and willing to go the extra mile to make sure we had all the photographs we requested. Thank you for your work and will continue to use your services again and undoubtedly recommend your services.

Long and Alfred
Mar 18, 2020

It was an amazing shooting experience with Sharona & Jacob! Super friendly & being professional, making my memory at Melbourne truly unforgettable! Highly recommended 🙂

Manb and Sam